June 26, 2006

Early Morning Buddhist Inspiration - 6/26/2006

"I have done my best." That is about all the philosophy of living that one needs....



Anonymous said...

Dear Ryan and Everyone at BHB -
I just wanted to write you and say THANKS for my Early Morning Inspirations. Funny - that sounds like "the first breath of the day" hmmm..... that just hit me.
anyway - I am not one of those BIG customers that orders something expensive or often - I am just another seeker of truth in a world full of spiritual lemmings. I'm not a very good buddhist - I can't remember the four things and the seven things and the other things that are the basic framework of this beautiful philosophy. What my poor, Western "monkey Mind' can grasp from day to day is simply: there is pain and suffering in the world - it is my job to treat all beings with as much tolerance and compassion as i possibly can and thereby do my part to end some of that pain and suffering. And of course - the more compassion I extend to others, the better i feel. I say special chants for unfortunate creatures that don't make it across the road and wish them happiness on their journeys, and I have taught my two "Monkeys" to do the same.
I know buddhism is much much more than that - but that is what has stuck in my heart so far, and your daily inspirations reassure, encourage and teach. Thank you.
Om Namaste.

Mary Connacher

kathy said...

love it! love your blog!